Spiegelau Beer Glasses BoxPart of getting the most out of craft beer it to make sure you have the basics covered such as serving it at the correct temperature, cellering it or drinking it fresh depending on the style, and serving it in the proper glass.

I’ve been to many restaurants that have no clue how to serve beer correctly. From Russian Imperial Stouts served in frozen mugs to Saisons served in ice cold weizen glasses, there is definitely some education needed for anyone who is into beer on the proper glassware to use to enhance your beer.

You wouldn’t drink wine from the bottle would you? The same goes with beer. The proper glassware is very important.

Recently I was sent a collection of 4 beer glasses from Spiegelau called the Spiegelau Beer Classics which stated they were enough to cover all styles of beer you were tasting.

While I was a little skeptical of these glasses as first, I’m now a believer.

First off the set comes with 4 glasses; wheat beer, tall pilsner, lager and a beer tulip. Each is designed to enhance a specific style of beer and maximize their appearance, aroma, taste and mouth feel.

Spiegelau Beer Glasses


The first thing I noticed about these glasses is they are incredibly thin and lightweight. Reading up on them I discovered that was actually a pretty awesome feature as it is meant to keep the beer colder longer as it doesn’t have to cool down a thick glass, thus maintaining optimal temperature for longer periods of time.


Besides the temperature, the glasses enhance the look of the beer as there is less between you and your beer. You can actually see what’s inside your glass very clearly as it’s crystal clear, yet very durable and even dishwasher safe.


Each glass is designed to give the right aroma to your beer, depending on the style (one of the most important reasons to serving in the correct glasses). I was pretty impressed with the way the tulip glass made my stout “pop” compared to my other tulip glasses I’ve been using. It really channeled the roastiness nicely.


A good glass will bring out the flavors of the beer that you’d miss if drinking out of the wrong glass. I’m pretty amazed at how beer in these glasses taste so much better out of them. No, I’m not getting paid to say that, it really was an improvement and I loved drinking out of these.


If you drink beer, I suggest you try out these glasses as I don’t think you will be disappointed. The set of 4 is a little expensive retailing at $49, although it’s listed on Amazon for $34.57 which is definitely worth it. I’m going to be ordering another set or two.

Over the course of my next few beer reviews I’ll also be using these glasses so stay tuned.

Click here to view these on Amazon.

Have you tried out these glasses? What are your thoughts?