Have you ever had a time you cracked open a beer and for some reason needed to put it back in the fridge?  If you’re like me that doesn’t happen often, but on occasion I’ve had to throw a half filled beer away after it goes flat sitting in the fridge (such as when my wife uses beer in a dinner recipe).  To fix the problem a new product was created called Beer Savers.

Basically Beer Savers are silicone caps that go on your opened beer bottle that keeps it fresh overnight.  Each pack comes with 6 colors so you could also use them to cap your beer to keep others from mixing it up with theirs. I was sent a sample pack and it fit pretty snug, and accomplished what it claims.

I’m not sure I’d use these very much, but could think of a few other uses for them that would work for me.  For example these would probably work great to put on sterilized bottles when home brewing while the bottles are waiting to be filled to keep things clean.

For $7.99 they are cheap enough to buy a set to have around for when the time does arrive that your freshly opened beer needs to be put back in the fridge while you make that unexpected trip to the store to grab propane for the BBQ.

Check out Beer Savers.

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  1. Ok, so this is the perfect invention for me! I’m not really a beer fan, but I’m trying… developing my palate, if you will. I can’t always finish my beer (yes, I’m a chick) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to! And, I’m not a fan of waste- money or food items. There are people starving in Africa! So the beer saver seems like a winner to me!

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