I admit that I’m somewhat of a gadget geek. When products come out that make sense, such as my Reef sandals that have beer bottle openers on the bottom of each foot, I get excited. I’ve been wearing my sandals when I’ve needed to open a beer, and they have been a life saver (ok, that might be extreme, but they have definitely come in handy).

What happens though when the winter comes and I’m wearing shoes and need to open a beer? I could try opening my beer with a key, but wouldn’t using my phone be more practical?  I may not always be wearing my sandals, but I always carry my phone.  That’s were iBottleopener comes in handy.

iBottleopener is a case for your iPhone 3g/3gs (iPhone 4 coming soon) that has a bottle opener attached.  For $19.95, it’s not a bad deal.  Most cases are right around that price anyway, so you might as well get one with a bottle opener right?

Here is their commercial which speaks for itself.

Hopefully they will start making these for other phone models, but I think it’s a pretty great idea.  What do you think?

Check out their website at http://www.ibottleopener.com


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