Vitamin B Enhanced, For Your Drinking Pleasure

Philippine inventor Billy L. Lalang has created a beer which he is marketing as one which “takes some of the guilt out of drinking” (which confused me because I certainly never feel guilty having a pint!) – a beer he is claiming is the first Vitamin Beer. While that claim isn’t actually true (case in point, dated almost 2 years ago), it’s still attracting crowds at a show in Thailand with more than 150 products by the International Federation of Inventors’ Association, a group celebrating its 40th anniversary. According to Shanghai Daily, which is covering the convention,

“If you are looking for an excuse to take a swig, this is it,” said Billy L. Lalang, who concocted a beer mixed with Vitamin B, to replace the vitamin lost when people drink too much booze.

As far-fetched as it sounds (and I’m still convinced it is), this “prophylactic for drinkers” has already won a gold medal at the Genius Europe competition. Is there any future for Vitamin Beer? 

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