presidential debate

If you live on the east coast, chances are you’re rained in tonight and what better way to spend a wet Friday evening than watching the first 2008 Presidentail Debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. And what better way to make it through the debate than by playing a fun little drinking game with a small group of your closest friends. Not sure how to play? Here’s a smattering of some of the Presidentail Debate Drinking Games spotted around the Interwebs today:

And last but not least, this YouTube video from – complete with visual instructions. Enjoy!



  1. hey man – what I usually do is use a blow-off tube for the first 48 hours or so (when the heaviest bubbling is happening) and then switch to an airlock after things calm down a bit for the remainder of the fermentation. If you go blow-off the whole time, you risk airborne nasties going up the tube and into the beer… airlock the whole time and you risk a big ol’ mess!

  2. You want a political drinking game. Watch an episode of “The O’reilly Factor” and drink a half a pint every time he says the words “Far Left”. Not “liberal” or anything like that, just the exact term “Far Left”. You’ll passed out on the floor by the end of Talking Points. oh it’s real.

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