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I’m a pretty avid fan of Jeopardy. Last night, when a category about beer came on, I couldn’t help but want to share it. In poking around a little, I realized that our friend beer isn’t so uncommon a topic. If you had to go up against Alex on these, how would you do? (For the answers, click on the aired date to head over to J! Archive.)

5 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE BOARD: (aired 2008-02-25)
$200: This “king of beers” was the official beer of the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
$400: This company’s website says it has been “brewed for over 30 years (&) is the first lite beer”
$600: This company’s beer, introduced in 1874, “is brewed in the Rockies for a uniquely crisp, clean…Mile High taste”
$800: In 1897 Wilhelm Hasse of the Moctezuma Brewery created a beer named Siglo XX; today, it’s known as this
$1000: Two-row barley & German noble aroma hops help make this Founding Father’s Boston Lager go down easy

BEER COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: (aired 2007-03-30)
$200: Hope your Moosehead has a nice head on it in this country
$400: A cold Dos Equis or 2 might help get you through some of the hot nights in this country where it originated
$600: “It’s all about the beer” is an advertising slogan for Heineken, the best-known beer from this country
$800: Ah! I see an Asahi from this country in your beer-drinking future
$1000: Kingfisher is a world-reknowned brew from this country of Asia

GREEN BEERS: (aired 2007-03-16)
$200: This Bremen beer’s motto appropriately reads “Life beckons”
$400: Brittany Evans is the new icon for this beer that’s named in honor of an old German monastery
$600: Dennis Hopper has a particular aversion to this Dutch beer in the movie “Blue Velvet”
$800: Brewed since 1615, this Dutch beer with a green bottle has a swingtop cap
$1000: Tonight let it be this beer of Munich that’s properly spelled with 2 umlauts

BEER-VERTISING: (aired 2006-01-31)
$400: “If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer”
$800: “The beer drinker’s light beer”
$1200: “Tastes as great as its name”
$1600: “You never forget your first girl”
$2000: “Miles away from ordinary”

BEER: (aired 2005-05-10)
$400: John Ratzenberger, Cliff Clavin on “Cheers”, did British ads for this Golden U.S. beer company
$800: Heineken markets Buckler, this type of beer for the designated driver
$1200: Of relatively light color, IPA is short for “India” this rhyming term
$1600: From 1940 to 1965 New York City was caught up in the annual contest to find “Miss” this brewer
$2000: Lambic beer, fermented by wild yeasts, is mainly made in this low country


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