The craft beer industry is an interesting place. It’s packed with mostly awesome people making, writing about, talking about and drinking some incredibly crafted beers.

However from time to time I’ve noticed that we can get too serious about beer.

At the end of the day it’s just beer.

I’ve seen many arguments and discussions over styles and a host of other issues people disagree on. While it’s always a good idea to keep on moving things forward while holding onto tradition, we also need to remember it’s just beer.

Beer is meant to be enjoyed. No matter if you are with a group of friends, strangers, or it’s just you and your best friend (dog or human), don’t forget to step back and enjoy our favorite beverage and don’t get caught up in disagreements and being too serious about it.

Because I like both beer and dogs, I decided to go on a quest and find some funny pictures of dogs drinking beer. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t smile when they see a puppy slopping up a beer. It generally means they have one amazing owner.

So take a break from analyzing your beer and feel free to laugh and enjoy these pictures. And remember, it’s just beer.

10 Pictures of Dogs Drinking Beer

1. Ok, this puppy wins the adorable beer drinker award. While he might not be of age even in puppy years, he could just be European so it’s no big deal.

Dog Drinking Beer 1

2. This one’s a classic. That’s a huge dog. I’d like to think despite the Foster’s poster on the wall that he’s drinking something better than that. Judging by the Coors Light can though, he might just be the party type. Someone turn him onto craft beer please.

Dog Drinking Beer  2

3. I think this dog could fit his whole body inside that glass. Just think if you had a glass that was the size of your body. You better have a designated driver if you ever find yourself in that situation.

Dog Drinking Beer 3

4. First off this dog is drinking a beer brewed specifically for dogs. On top of that he is using proper glassware, designed just for dogs. Cheers to that!

Dog Drinking Beer 4

5. This little guy is either passed out, or just relaxing. Don’t you know smoking causes cancer?

Dog Drinking Beer 5

6. This dog is sitting in the Brandling Villa, a pub in the UK that serves dog beers to dogs. Unfortunately for him it’s a non alcoholic beer. But hey, his owner gets to enjoy the pub with his best friend.

Dog Drinking Beer 6

7. I’d like to think this dog is judging the color of this beer. Hmm, maybe he’s been studying the BJCP guidelines.

Dog Drinking Beer 7

8. This is either vintage, or we have a hipster dog. The only problem with him being a hipster is that beer looks a little too dark to be PBR. Either way I know he’d fit in around Portland.

Dog Drinking Beer 8

9. This dog knows good beer. Although he didn’t pour his beer into proper glassware, he has excellent taste. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a classic that can obviously be enjoyed by all creatures.

Dog Drinking Beer 9

10. Another dog with great taste. Bonus point for him for matching the Surly beer to a Surly pint glass. Glad to see I’m not the only beer drinker out their with OCD when it comes to pouring beer into a specific breweries pint glass.

Dog Drinking Beer 10

Which is your favorite? Make sure to comment below.