Just a quick note that a quote from yours truly was featured in a story on CNBC.com yesterday about the addition of beer to the menus of Burger King restaurants in Southern Florida and a Starbucks on 15th Avenue in Seattle.

Burger King says its decision to serve beer came from customer feedback. They’re specifically targeting touristy areas like Orlando and South Beach and serving up fanny-pack favorites, including Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime and Miller Lite.

(“The only thing Americans like better than cheap, crappy food is cheap, crappy beer!” quips Luke Livingston, author of Blog About Beer.com.)

Starbucks, on the other hand, is selling microbrews and cheese in addition to its caffeinated fare at the “15th Ave Coffee and Tea” shop in Seattle, in what appears to be its latest diversionary tactic from America’s romantic breakup with the $4 latte.

Of course it wasn’t anywhere near my entire quote (but I guess that’s mainstream media for you) and they took probably the goofiest, least “intelligent” part at that, but it’s there nonetheless. For more on the addition of beer to the BK Landscape, check out the original CNBC.com article here.



  1. Congrats, that is awesome and unfortunately true. I don’t think they are crappy beers, but they are cheap and obviously don’t offer the flavor of the craft brews.

  2. I agree with the post above (mostly — some beers are just bad).

    And congrats on the plug, even if they used the “goofiest, least ‘intelligent’ part”! I had a similarly dissatisfying experience with the mainstream media recently: I went to a Belgian beer tasting at a local place and met a reporter. I gave her my card and left feeling pretty hopeful about the encounter. Then, when the article showed up online, it just read, “Scott Miller, writer for a beer blog, traveled a long way to taste these beers” or something like that. At least you got a URL!

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