Good news is just pouring (no pun intended) in this weekend. First we reported yesterday that scientists now believe that drinking a Guinness a day is as good for your heart’s health as taking an Asprin a day, now scientists and researchers in Britain and the Czech Republic are claiming that the results of a recent study show no concrete connection between beer drinking and obesity. According to the BBC,

Researchers in Britain and the Czech Republic surveyed almost 2,000 Czechs, who are generally regarded as the world’s biggest beer drinkers.

They found no link between the amount of beer they drink and the size of their stomachs.

The Czechs are traditionally thought of as the world’s top beer drinkers, consuming more beer per person than people in any other country. 891 Czech men and 1,098 women between the ages of 25 and 64 were questioned and examined as part of the study, doctors measured their weight and their waist to hip ratio and body mass index, all of which are used to measure obesity.

The scientists found no link between beer consumption and obesity. They said the findings suggested there is no truth in the claim that drinking too much beer makes people obese.

While this is, of course, great news for those of us who consume lots of beer (and why on earth would I run a beer-themed blog if I didn’t?), Nigel Denby, of the British Dietetic Association, urged beer lovers not to use this study’s findings as an excuse to run down to their local pub and drink up.

“People shouldn’t assume that they can now drink freely,” he told BBC News Online. “Any food taken in excess can lead to obesity.

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