It seems that the Craft Beer Community is increasing their participation in all things New Media at an incredible clip, with their presence on Twitter really taking the helm. One such community member however, San Fransisco’s 21st Amendment Brewing, took the beer-on-Twitter phenomenon to new heights. Just yesterday 21st Amendment brewer Shaun O’Sullivan brewed the very first #twitterbrew.


The beer, which later was named “Spring Tweet” (a name suggested by one of the followers of @21stAmendment), is described by O’Sullivan as, “light, refreshing and drinkable”, exactly what is needed to ring in spring.

All day yesterday followers of @21stAmendment were able to read about the brewing process as it progressed, complete with pictures of each step of the brew (posted, needless to say, to

Comically, however, some time late in the day the hashtag for the beer used by the brewery itself changed from #twitterbrew to #tweetbeer. Which lead me to believe that the Tweeple (ew, sorry.) on the other end had a few too many #tweetbeers to drink during the brewing process.

What’s next for the #twitterbrew? The beer was on its way to the fermenter during the brewery’s final tweet of the day but it reported that it should find its way into a pint glass right around April 6th. Enjoy, San Fransisco!

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