Homebrewer-turned-inventor John Carnett has spent weeks building what he simply refers to as The Device. What is said devide? A stainless-steel, two-cart extract brewing system that starts by boiling the wort and ends with a chilled pint.

As many of our readers know, in most home-brewing extract setups, each step in the process requires moving the beer to a new container by hand, which increases the chance of contamination or, if nothing else, at the very least requires you to lift stuff. Carnett’s machine keeps everything in the carts’ closed system and requires only that he swap a few CO2-pressurized hoses to move the liquid along. It also employs a complex temperature-control system to regulate the fermentation (often done in a corner of a basement) to within a degree or two. A couple weeks later, the same system chills the beer on its way from keg to tap, so The Device is always ready with a cold pour and consumes no power when it’s not serving or fermenting.

So, how much damage does The Device currently inflict on your wallet? Only a small $4,315 *cough* And what’s next for Carnett?  He plans on adding a third cart to make wort from raw grain instead of extract. But, says Carnett, there’s a lot of “testing” of this design to be done first. Click here for a YouTube video below to see Carnett’s Device in action.

[image via popsci.com]



  1. Home brewing is supposed to be a pleasureable experience and not something that is meant to be rushed, if you were so desperate for beer you would go buy some. I am all for simplicity and making ones life easier but ‘the device’ appears to be a bit of a piss take and $4315 ?!? i could think of better ways to spend that money.

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