world_beer.jpgChris Nelson and his wife Merideth Canham-Nelson of Carmel Valley, California were at the annual Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival this past weekend in Anchorage, Alaska.

So what, you ask? The Nelsons are two self-prescribed “beer geeks” who have proclaimed 2008 The Year of Beer and are thus spending the year traveling the world in search of “great beer adventures” and are blogging about everything they come across (; The festival in Anchorage was their first official stop. According to,

[Chris’] first posting on the blog, the night before the brewery festival, described visiting a meeting of a brewers’ club in Alaska… He also gave the locals a thumb’s up for their hospitality. “Beer people tend to be overly friendly,” Nelson wrote, “but the Anchorage folks we have met so far are amazingly friendly.”

The pair will be taking one beer adventure a month for the rest of the year and chronicling their journeys. Nelson wrote on their website,

“While we do include visiting the sites and landmarks of the places we visit, finding that next great beer experience is the real focus of our travels. Visiting pubs, breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs; this is the essence of being a beer traveler… We are not trying to tell you where to visit or what beers to drink; rather we hope to inspire you to look for your own beer adventures.”

Good luck you two!
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  1. Hello Chris,

    I just love your site. It’s great.

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    So what’s it about?

    An Australian brewery executive has gone missing. Or has he? Joe Abbott is paid by the man’s wife with a beer-sodden cheque to find out the truth.

    In doing so he locks horns with dodgy nightclub owners, a toupeed beer baron, and endless eccentrics – plus, of course, a wild pig – all in the twisted pursuit of a stash of missing money.

    And he has time for a beer or ten along the way.

    A link to the book can be found at:

    I am sure some of your readers would find the novel interesting. Incidentally, the Australian Beer and Brewer Magazine has given it the thumbs up.


    Matthew Freeman

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