In the world of advertising, the most successful campaigns are those that are really “outside the box” (I mean, how many of you have memorized the ads above the urinal or inside the bathroom stall of your local watering hole? Thought so.). So, with that in mind, this new Trojan brand condom ad campaign is pure genius.

Trojan has begun placing ads in the bottom of pint glasses:

And, from an outsider’s standpoint, the bottom of your pint glass is made to look like a pig’s nose when your beer is tipped upwards to drink (an obvious reference to the current Trojan TV ad campaign):

The truth is — as completely unavoidable as advertising is quickly becoming — if you’re out at a bar, on the prowl, and a few beers deep, maybe a quick reminder to buy a condom isn’t such a bad thing…

source: “A Condom in my Beer” [HolyJuan]



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