Not to be left out of the Web 2.0 revolution, web guru Jonathan Kelly recently created his very own Facebook application, which works in conjunction with Facebook users can download the application and rate any beer in the RateBeer catalog on a scale of 1-10 stars; the application then appears on the user’s profile with a random selection of 5 of the beers they’ve rated (and the ratings they gave those beers). My favorite part –and naturally the part that RateBeer is still working the kinks out of — of the application, though, is the “recommended” tab within the application’s main page. The application will automatically compile a list of 20 beers it recommends to you based on your previous ratings – this is a fantastic way to discover some new brews you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy. Two thumbs up, Mr. Kelly!

RateBeer Facebook Application



  1. Yipes! Big mix up! Even though the names are similar, the RateBeer Facebook app is not actually affiliated with (though, yes, it does pull search results from, and in return I link back to pages on their site in order to direct traffic to their site). I’m really glad you enjoy it though!

    ~ Jonathan Kelly, creator of the RateBeer Facebook app

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