The newest installment of what seems like a weekly occurance now — rediculous fun new beer-related gadgets and inventions — is the Smart Beer Coaster from Redwood City, CA company Sentilla. The company, which develops “new and innovative ‘smart’ designs”, has created a beer coaster which, according to Sentilla’s website, can, 

  • The coasters know when a drink is placed on top of them and when it is removed.
  • The coasters notify each other when new things occur (a drink is placed on them, removed, etc)
  • The coasters provide “visual feedback” using lights embedded within them.
  • The coasters are wirelessly interconnected.
  • Sentilla reports that they are also working to further develop the coaster to be able to sense if the beverage placed on it is nearly empty and in need of a refill (you know, in case you can’t tell for yourself… umm…)

    Click the YouTube video below for more on the Smart Beer Coaster. For more information, including insctructions on how to build your own smart coaster, visit the official Sentilla Blog

    [youtube][/youtube] (Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc)



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