Stout Rum Beer CocktailAhoy Mateys! In my journey to find the most delicious beer cocktails, I have stumbled upon some real buried treasures in regard to beverages.

As I set sail (with all three sheets to the wind of course) to bring yet another delicious treat to the reader’s beer glass, I uncovered a drink that definitely deserves a place in the treasure chest!

Now plundering and pillaging is thirsty business and what better drink could a scallywag ask for than a tot of rum after a long day?

This decadent beer cocktail is comprised of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout with a shot of Pyrat XO Reserve, an ultra-premium dark rum that is worth every doubloon! A bottle of this rum also comes with a little extra booty in the form of a charm adorned with the image of Hoti, the Zen patron saint and protector of fortune tellers and bartenders!

The potent vanilla and cinnamon notes in the rum pair incredibly well with the rich chocolate of the stout, culminating in an enjoyable, aromatic cocktail that could easily satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Ye Intruders Beware! Contains

  • 12 oz. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
  • 1 Shot of Pyrat XO Reserve dark rum

Pairing With Food

Now if you’re lost at sea in regard to what food to pair with this decadent cocktail, there is no need to pout in the corner with your eye patch and peg leg; so, stop swabbing the poop deck and listen up!

This simple treat is both sweety and meaty at the same time and goes by the name of candied bacon. By placing pepper bacon on a cookie sheet and burying this treasure in brown sugar and baking it in the oven at 325°, you end up with nature’s true perfect food coated with enough caramelized goodness to shiver anyone’s timbers!

In taking into account those who may prefer savory compliments with their sweet drinks, I also paired this beer cocktail with the old standby, bread and cheese. Armed to the teeth with a baguette and a wedge of Salemville Amish Blue Cheese, I partook in a savory combination that balanced out the sweetness of this cocktail very well. The bold, rich, toasty, nutty aroma of the chocolate stout as well as the strong vanilla notes wafting off of the Pyrat rum sliced through the boldness and the richness of the blue cheese causing a wonderful balance on both port and starboard side of this drinking excursion.

Beer Cocktail Pairing

So scrape the barnacles off of your ship, hoist the colors, and set sail for the furthest corners of the map! And for all who try this cocktail, let me know if this X marks the spot for you!