This is part two in my Beer in 2008: A New Years Resolution series. Click here for Part 1. 

For me, 2008 will be the Year Of The Homebrew. Although I don’t think I’ll be going all-grain anytime soon (I simply don’t have the space for it), I want to ramp up my production quite a bit. After a brief hiatus, I returned to brewing my own beer in the Spring of this year and, from June on, made three 5 gallon batches of beer – an award-winning raspberry porter (which I named Pemaquid Porter, after my favorite Maine light house); an autumn maple wheat, which was named World Series Wheat (since it was brewed during the first game of the 2007 World Series); and most recently a chocolate/coffee stout — brewed with lager yeast — which I’ve named Bullwinkle’s Mocha Lager Stout (’cause it’s winter time and Bullwinkle is just a fun word, no matter the season really).

Although they were three very fun brews, three simply isn’t enough. I would like to get on a regular brew schedule, as well as expending my horizons (certainly with two-stage fermentation, as well as expending into some new styles I haven’t made yet); I know my dad and I will be starting the year off with the Witbier kit from Northern Brewer and we’ll see where we go from there. Maybe ’08 will end with some sort of bang, like a kegerator or something; check back in a year.

What are your homebrew plans for the year? What beers will you be making



  1. Welcome to the addiction! You’ll be ready to take the all-grain leap before you know it.

    As for me, I’ll be brewing a lot this year too. I’m dying to make a pineapple pale ale. I also want to try a cider for the first time this year.

    Still sipping on my chocolate raspberry stout from this year that I’m thrilled with.


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