While aimlessly passing time at work today in an attempt to do no actual work to speak of, I stumbled upon (under my own power, without the aid of a search engine by the same name) an interactive beer thingy challange on the Washington Post‘s website, which appeared in a recent Sunday Source section of theirs.

Apparently the paper, under the urging of assistant editor Joe Heim, paired off 32 varieties of good ol’ fasioned American brew (all of average style and ABV content) in a head-to-head, single-elimination tournament. 5 panelists who ranged in experience and taste from a self-proclaimed beer snob to “joe six-pack”, as the site puts it, tasted, tested, and commented on a wide range of beers, both commercial and “craft”. The outcome was a March Madness-style bracket, entitled Beer Madness, with the “winning” beer of each round moving on to the Sweet Sixteen, Big 8 and so on.

So who was the big winner? Brooklyn Brewery‘s own Brooklyn Lager. A fine beer, of course (98% of BAers agree), but certainly not my top choice from the list of contenders (then again, both Budweiser and Rolling Rock made it past the first round…).The Post was kind enough to put an interactive, javascript version of the entire bracket (*as well as more details on how the challange came to be, and a transcript of a Q&A with the event’s organizers) online, so check it out.What would you have chosen from the list?


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