It was exactly two years ago that I started At the time I knew almost nothing about beer and even less about blogging – since then my love for both has grown by leaps & bounds. I am still amazed on a nearly daily basis at all of the truly awesome opportunities writing this blog has afforded me — free beer, press passes, insider tours, interviews, helping to found a writers’ guild, multiple freelance writing opportunities and best of all: countless new friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps the most surprising, however, is that 515 posts later — some fun, some groundbreaking, most absolutely terrible — people are not only still reading what it is I have to say, but more and more people seem to be reading on a daily basis. The RSS subscribers are up to nearly 400 and the number of unique visitors who come directly to the site every day is increasing each month, too.

What I began 2 years ago today on a wing and a prayer has definitely grown into a great hobby and I’ve had more fun doing it than I ever thought possible. Thank you so much to everyone who reads and obviously tells your friends about it, because they seem to be stopping by, too. Keep reading, keep emailing me, keep commenting and keep telling your friends and I’ll keep writing. Here’s to two great years gone by and the many more yet to come. Cheers!



  1. Luke,

    Two years and you’re still going – that’s impressive.  Keep it up!  Thanks for all the great info and your unique perspective  on beer.  You’re a pleasure to read.  I just started writing about beer with my brother, and I hope we can keep it going as long as you have.  I think if we have half the success you’ve enjoyed (deservedly), then we will.



  2. Congrats Luke on 2 years of beer blogging. I bet those months went by as quickly for you as it is for me. One thing about beer writing is that there’s always something new coming out to blog about. Keep up the great work.  Salute!  Chipper Dave

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