Hanson Beer MMMHop IPADo you remember the 90’s? For me I was in high school when the boy band Hanson broke out on the scene with their hit MMMBop, and I remember I couldn’t turn on the radio for awhile without hearing that song over and over.

While I was far from a Hanson fan, MMMBop was actually the only song I’ve ever sang karaoke to, only because I didn’t realize there was actual lyrics to it. Fail.

So what do former teen hard throbs do once they reach there mid 20s? Launch their own beer of course… ummmm, ok.

That’s right, Hanson is launching MMMHop IPA in early 2012. Obviously 90s boy band inspired beer is what every IPA fan wants to drink.

While I couldn’t find any details who is going to be brewing it, I’ll be sure to update those of you already digging through your closet full of Hanson t-shirts and posters so you won’t miss it.

I do admit this post is full of sarcasm, but I do wish Zac, Taylor and Isaac well. If brewing doesn’t work out, at least they have their own board game and record player to fall back on.

Check out the breaking story on CNN.

Will you try MMMHop IPA once it’s launched?