It was brew day in the Livingston household. My dad I got to work in a 5 gallon Autumn Maple Wheat (brewed with 64oz of pure organic dark amber maple syrup, added at the boil at flame-out). We named the beer “World Series Wheat” due to the timing of the brew. Below are some pictures from the brewing process. If you don’t brew your own and would like to learn (which I highly recommend you do – it’ll bring your beer appreciation to an even higher level), might I recommend How to Brew – By John Palmer, “a complete online book that will teach you how to brew beer at home. It covers both malt extract and all-grain brewing”. Or, if you want a real book-in-hand book (with tons of great recipes), pick up The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by  Charles Papazian. Enjoy…  

adding the extract

My dad adding the malt extract to the boil

The Wort

Stirring the wort

 just added the hop pellets

I just added the hop pellets to the boil


Spent grains (it was a partial-mash brew)

finished product

The final product percolating away in the primary fermenter (note: I made a HUGE mistake and didn’t account for the fact that we ended up adding 64oz of essentially liquid sugar to the mix, so we ended up with an enormously powerful blow-off, which knocked the blow off tube pictured above clear off. It made a big mess, but I think the beer is fine; most importantly.)



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