I recieved the following press release this afternoon and was too intriqued not to share it:

BrewersSpot.com, a new social networking and resource site for home brewers and beer lovers, has announced the launch of their website, allowing users to gain access to this revolutionary social networking site. BrewersSpot will serve as a unique networking resource to home brewers by providing several areas of functionality that no other online service has attempted to do. In the wake of social networking sites such as Facebook, BrewersSpot will serve as a way for home brewers to find and connect with home brewing peers in their area and around the world.

Founder James Goerke felt a need for home brewers such as himself to be able to connect and communicate, and decided to launch his own social networking site just for them,

“I’ve been home brewing for years now and realized that finding the right information, tools and people has been a challenge. I want to share my resources, as well as help people find new ones.”

The site will provide each home brewer with a personal profile through which they can utilize the sites’ other tools and resources, such a home brewing journal through which to share brewing notes and tips and an integrated, sharable brewing calendar. Likewise, BrewersSpot will include exclusive home brewing and beer related news, expert articles, home brew recipes, cooking with beer recipes, pub reviews and tours and upcoming event information. Interested home brewers and beer lovers may currently sign-up at www.BrewersSpot.com. A unique, user driven approach to site content will be taken ensuring BrewersSpot is truly a personal resource for the home brewer!


I have signed up for the site but haven’t had much time to peruse it yet (expect a review sometime soon). If you’re a member and would like to be my friend, view my profile here. Cheers.


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