This week’s release of Futurama: Bender’s Big Score, a direct-to-video feature-length movie which is believed to be a vanguard for a revived FuturamaTV series, is cause for celebration for uber-geek Simon Jansen. And what did Jansen do to celebrate? Why, he build a life-sized Bender robot, complete with built-in homebrew kit, of course.

Jansen's Bender Model
This incredible wood-and-fiberglass statue exceeds even fanboy standards. Unsatisfied with a mere super-accurate Bender lookalike, Jansen went so far as to install some of Bender’s more well known functional capabilities, including the working “microbrewery”. According to Jansen, in the Futurama episode “The Route of All Evil”Bender doubles as a pregnant microbrewery, so Jansen filled his model’s internals with a homebrew barrel, just as Bender would have liked…


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