It sounds easy enough…The cabin up for sale

A press release from

Buy the log cabin pictured here, get lots of Dogfish for free! What do we mean by lots? How does this sound:

7 cases of rare Dogfish beer, Dogfish signage and miscellaneous swag, A selection of our handcrafted spirits (Blue Hen Vodka, Dogfish Jin and our Brown Honey Rum), 12 sixtels of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (one for each month of a year!), A FREE kegerator from which to serve your Dogfish, And a collection of Dogfish barware from which to drink and serve (assuming you plan to share) your Dogfish!

Why the insane offer? Here’s the story… Jim Boyd, the General Manager at our Rehoboth Beach, DE restaurant/brewery/distillery is in Delaware working away at our brewpub and doing a great job! But, Houston… we have a problem!!! Jim’s wife and daughter are still way far away in upstate New York – they have not sold their home. We all know the real estate market is not exactly going gangbusters right now. This is a problem for Jim and his family – which makes it a problem for Dogfish! We want to help Jim sell his house and get his family down to the wonderful place we call home – coastal Delaware.

Well, since it is almost Christmas and Jim and his family have been living apart since February. The trips home to New York are too short and too infrequent and Jim is missing his girls. That’s where YOU come in. We are asking for help in finding a qualified buyer for Jim’s house! The home is a cool Log cabin on 5 wooded acres in Upstate New York in one of the best school districts in the state and very fairly priced. Relaxed, rural living close to Ithaca and Binghamton. Check it out at:

We at Dogfish Head are hoping that Jim and his wife Gina along with their daughter Melissa can start the New Year living at the same address. When asked, Jim said that the only thing he needs for Christmas was to be at home with his family in Delaware. This is what Dogfish Head would like to do to help entice a potential home buyer…… Included in the sale will be a case of rare DFH beer for each room (7), some off centered signage and miscellaneous swag, a collection of DFH bar ware along with a selection of DFH Small Batch Sprits (Rum, Jin and Vodka) furthermore we will provide a new Kegerator and a sixtel of 60 Minute IPA per month for the first year (12). Not in the market? Do not despair…. share this news and you may be in on the loot… In addition to all the great incentives above, Jim will toss in $1,000 cash bonus plus dinner for four at the Pub in Rehoboth Beach for those who facilitate the sale of this home. Wada ya say? Can you help? Check the online listing, share it with your friends, family, fellow beer lovers, people you want to move far, far away from you, whomever.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a Happy New Year for Jim and his family!



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