I was in a Trader Joe’s in Darien Connecticut this morning picking up a few items for lunch — minding my own business and not talking to anyone — when an old man stopped me and said,

“I got the word (nodding towards his wife), help with the groceries or I won’t get any beer!”

Very confused, I responded with some probably very sub-par retort and kept shopping.

Now bear in mind, this Trader Joe’s was quite small and didn’t sell any beer or wine (so he couldn’t have been buying anything on site, and I certainly wasn’t), I wasn’t wearing anything with any beer logos on it (in fact, I was in a shirt & tie) – really there was absolutely nothing that would make him think that I would be capable of commiserating with him.

Beer Lovers

So what made him seek me out for a sympathy vote? Could it be that true beer lovers can just sense other beer lovers?



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