Israel Beer Breweries, Carlsberg beer’s producer in Israel, recalled on Sunday evening all the 330ml beer bottles with an expiry date of September 11, 2008 for fear they may contain glass shards due to a malfunction at the factory in charge of producing the glass bottles.

The company informed the Health Ministry on the matter and reported that it planned to recall the bottles. The ministry asked the public to exercise caution when consuming the beer. The company believes that only a small number of bottles may contain the suspected glass shards.

“Out of public responsibility, Israel Beer Breweries is operating as quickly and possible and in coordination with the Health Ministry to remove these products from the selves,” the company said in a statement.

The company called on consumers who purchased such bottles to return them to the stores or call customer service at 1-800-338-844 in order to return the product and receive a different one in return.

The company added that it,

“apologizes for the discomfort caused to the public, and thanks its consumers for their understanding and cooperation.” (Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc)


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