It’s great to see the influx of activity on the ‘Mother of all Beer Blogging Contests‘ that has happened today but, with a little over 24 hours to go in the contest, I wanted to clarify a few rules because I know they’ve been overlooked and I want to make sure everyone gets their fair chance at the prizes.

You do earn one ‘ticket’ per action – like “digging” the contest, stumbling it, voting it up on BrewPoll, etc. etc. but I don’t really have a very easy/fair way to know when someone does any of those actions – so if you want to earn the tickets you deserve, you need to leave a comment on the original contest post detailing the things you’ve done to earn tickets (plus commenting itself earns you an entry, so why not cover all your bases and earn more in the process)!

If you’re going to blog about the contest on your own blog (an action worth a whopping 5 tickets), make sure and link to the original contest post (NOT just so that I will see the trackback and be able to count your entries for that action, too.

Remember, the whole thing wraps up at 10 o’clock Eastern Time tomorrow (Sept 11th) night; so hurry up and earn your tickets now! Good luck!


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