While thinking of your beer-bonging past may make your inner frat boy/sorority girl shiver now, there was a time when many of us found ourselves on the receiving end of one of these homemade delivery systems.

I myself built a 5 foot long one for me and my friend’s “post high-school party pad” which funneled more Olde English 800 through it than a Snoop Dogg party circa 1993! But, I digress.

Just the other day, I was obsessing over proper glassware for a certain type of brew, and I had a crazy idea. An idea I would love some help with.

I started to reminisce about the ever iconic beer helmet and how cheesy and gimmicky the idea of it was.

But then I saw an opportunity.

What would the beer helmet look like if it were meant for craft beer?

How would one capture the appearance, aroma, mouthfeel, and flavors from amazing craft beer in a hands-free helmet scenario?

Are there any artists out there who can help us out?

We don’t care if it’s a drunken doodle on a bar napkin or pictures of one you actually built; everything is fair game!

The best design will receive a free copy of Beer Lover’s Oregon!

So c’mon artists! Let’s see what you’ve got!

To enter, either comment with a link to your design in the comments below, or email your design to news [at] blogaboutbeer.com.

The winner will be chosen on March 24, 2014 based on creativity. Remember, it needs to be hands free, yet able to capture the beer the way the brewer meant for it to be experienced.

WARNING: This contest is not intended for those who do not know how to have fun on the internet! We realize the concept of a craft beer helmet is silly; this contest is just for fun!