With new gadgets and gizmos popping up every day to improve our quality of life, one area that seems to be neglected is the improvement of imbibing…until now.

CruiseyBridget and Kate are two ladies who grew up in Annapolis and have taken many sailing trips down the Chesapeake Bay. Their journeys culminated in a very specific gripe. Sailing isn’t easy business and they were unable to “trim the jib, raise the chute and tack” while at the same time enjoying their beverage of choice.

The two ladies set out to resolve this particular problem, and the Cruisey was born of their frustration. A metaphorical Bluetooth of sorts, this hands-free drinking device is touted by the official website as “The perfect companion for life on the water.”

But we at Blog About Beer think there are way more applications than just for in the water, so we took two of these bad boys out into the field to see how they’d fare!

Let’s face it, looking good is important. And getting one’s hair done is an essential part of this process. They say that beauty is pain, but Blog About Beer thinks otherwise. Why sacrifice refreshment for the sake of beauty?

Cruisey Hair Salon

Able to hold non-alcoholic beverages as well, the Cruisey can also aid gamers in their “Call of Duty” with a refreshing soda after a battle weary day.

War Cruisey

Ummmmm…….Please hold due to technical difficulties……

Moose Cruisey

Seriously, pizza and beer go together like partridges in a pear tree! So, as we don’t have the authority to separate these two peas in a pod…we didn’t. This way you can enjoy a cold one while the pizza cools off!

Pizza Cruisey

After loading up on all of the delicious-ness that is pizza, it can’t hurt to burn some of it off. Hitting the gym to shed unwanted pounds is a pretty standard way to do this. But just like anything worth doing, it’s worth doing with style! Staying hydrated during an intense workout is important, so we thank you, Cruisey, for helping us do it in style!

Workout Cruisey

Whether you’re lost at sea, getting a trim, working out, or even going behind enemy lines on a top-secret mission, the Cruisey is a great accessory to ensure a hands-free experience. And although I’m quite certain your halls are thoroughly decked for the Holiday season, this would make a great last minute stocking stuffer for your favorite imbiber.

So visit Bridget and Kate at TheCruisey.com and check out their selection!

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement; we just really enjoy The Cruisey!