There’s nothing like kicking back with a refreshing cold pint of jelly beans on a cold winters day. Wait, what?

That’s right, Jelly Belly, the leader of random flavored jelly beans, has stepped up their game by introducing draft beer flavored jelly beans.

Through a tedious development process they were able to pull out flavors of malt, hops and even yeast to create a treat that beer fans can indulge on anytime they want.

The company says they taste similar to a Hefeweizen, although I personally haven’t tasted them to see how accurate that statement is.

Just this week the beans were released at the Winter Fancy food Show in San Francisco and you’ll soon be able to find them around the country. For those that are impatient to try them, they do offer them for sale on their website.

If you’re wondering if you can get a buzz from eating jelly beans, the short answer is no. They are absent of any alcohol, yet maybe you could pair them with a pint of real beer.

Below is the video from Jelly Belly talking about their new creation.

What do you think about these? Genius, crazy or somewhere in between?