Arnie Beer Vending MachineI’ve read articles about cool places to work such as Google where they have free massages and sushi lunches, Facebook which provides free laundry and daycare services, or Clif Bar which has a 40 foot rock wall and fitness center.

Add to the list of cool places to work Arnold Worldwide, a Boston-based advertising agency.

Instead of being content with the usual vending machine most large companies have, the employees decided to create a machine they call Arnie, which sounds like the ultimate vending machine.

No, not just because it tweets on it’s own, or the fact it has data recognition when employees insert their key fob into it and it greets them by name and remembers their preferences, or even the touch screen iPad like interface that is temperature aware and has a Soundtube.

It’s all about the beer.

Yes, thats right, for all employees over 21 they can use Arnie, the beer vending machine that also includes an “alepedia” that allows employees to learn more about each of the brews it carries.

At the time of me writing this, they currently have 6 different beers, all of which they brew including an eponymous brew, the “Arnold Pilsner.” The agency has also experimented with a variety of ale styles, and will be able to brew beer styles specific to seasons, events, people and even clients, inviting others at the agency to become involved in the brewing process.

Arnold Worldwide Beer

The employees who came up with the beer vending machine took advantage of Arnold’s agency-wide initiative to “manage less and make more.” The agency sets aside $100,000 each year for employees to bring new and innovative ideas to life.

Although I work from home and can drink a beer pretty much whenever I want, most people don’t have that luxury so having a beer vending machine might just be one of the greatest perks a company could offer.

To keep up with Arnies tweets you can visit its Twitter at @ArnieBeer.

What types of perks does your company have?