With another 14 fresh inches of snow falling on Portland today alone, news like this certainly warms the cold soul. First, more details about the upcoming beer & cheese event at Vignola which was announced a few days ago (from the restaurants’ PR firm):

Rob Tod from Allagash Brewing will be on hand, as well as folks from Wicked Wine.  They’ll be pouring some excellent beers, many not widely available in the area. The cheeses on hand are an excellent selection of domestic and imported artisan cheeses, and range from firm, cow’s milk cheeses to some pungent, gooey offerings.

Vignola is certainly leading the way in showcasing beers that can hold their own with fine food, and this is a wonderful opportunity for people to experience these fine beers for the first time, or to expand their knowledge. 

Next, The Dogfish Bar & Grille (no affiliation to the beer of the same name) on Free St. in Portland is having their first beer dinner on January 29th. There will be a four course meal, accompanied by four beer tastings. Space is limited and reservations are required. For more info, call 207-772-5483 or visit www.thedogfishbarandgrille.com.

And lastly, at the Damariscotta River Grill, on Main Street in Damariscotta, Maine (about 45 minutes up the coast) – With help from Geary’s, Sheepscot, and Sebago, Chef/Owner Rick Hirsch is putting together a Maine Microbrew and Spirits Tasting on Thursday, January 24. Tickets are $30, reservations are recommended, and Rick will serve plenty of his excellent food to accompany the beers. According to Front Burner PR,

This event is another opportunity to sample many great beers in an evening (and live to tell about it!), and more importantly, to see that excellent beers are worthy companions to fresh, locally sourced food. Doesn’t have to be wine all the time!

So get out there — when you can navigate the streets safely (tonight I’ll be home with a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale) — and taste some great local food and even better local beer. Cheers!

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