Denver’s Flying Dog Brewing Co. has finally released their Collaborator Doppelbock, a beer many homebrewers all ready knew as the first “open source” beer to hit the U.S. market. In an innovative marketing move, Flying Dog’s Open Source Beer Project allowed homebrewers to offer on-going recommendations and feedback on the beer’s recipe via a website during its R+D phase.

The final user-recommended recipe impressed Flying Dog’s brewers a great deal. According to Cure for What Ales You, Flying Dog’s head brewer Matt Brophy says,

“The result is a Dopplebock that has a full body with a complex malt profile and a slight roasted caramel character. The knowledgeable feedback from the homebrewers and the passion they put forth really made this project a success.”

Flying Dog’s Director of Marketing, Neal Stewart is encouraging homebrewers to now try their hand at the recipe themselves,

“We have posted the final recipe and a downloadable label at giving homebrewers everything they need except the ingredients,” said Stewart.


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