Fosters (you know, that Australian word for ‘beer’) has just released its first ever Internet-only ad, entitled Stubby Symphony.

Why has Foster’s decided its Stubby Symphony ad is best on the web? It’s the medium of choice for its target market. According to an article from Austrailia’s Daily Telegraph, Foster’s group marketing manager for their Victoria Bitter brand (commonly known as VB) Ben Wicks said,

“We just think it adds to the surprise. We are talking to them (young men) in their space, and their space is increasingly digital,”

The ad features more than 90 musicians, most from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and all of their instruments are made from VB bottles, with liquid used to alter the notes in each bottle. The filming of the ad took place in Melbourne’s Concert Hall.

The company is also encouraging web users to submit their own films using “VB stubbies”, with first prize receiving 52 cases of Foster’s beer.

This campaign is, of course, marketing genius on Foster’sbehalf. In no other medium does an advertisement travel so quickly and freely. As you can see below, the ad appears on–by way of YouTube–completely free of charge (and I promise this isn’t the only site where you can find it). Thanks in no small part to the blogging revolution (and every daily newspaper and every magazine in the world having an online presence), Foster’s is able to produce an ad, in all likelihood pay for it only a few times, claim to be spearheading the revolution of Internet-only beer advertising, and the ad spreads for free, across the blogisphere, like wildfire (guilty as charged). Truly genius; and undoubtedly only the beginning.

Without further adieu, view the ad:


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