Buster Martin completed the London Marathon this past weekend in just about ten hours. The 101 year old man set a new record for the oldest person to ever complete the marathon. So, what did he do to celebrate? Have a beer, of course. While it would be logical to assume that, since Martin appears in such great health, he must be a health nut but the truth is actually quite the opposite.

Buster Martin smokes more than a dozen cigarettes and drinks an average of 7-8 full pints of beer — usually at least one during a break in the middle of his daily run — every day. It truly boggles the mind.

“He smokes, drinks, stays out late, which is probably why he is still alive,”

Charlie Mullins, the managing director of the plumbing company where Martin cleans vans three days a week told ABC News.

Maybe 7 pints a day is the missing link to my physical fitness routine.


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