This Thursday, April 16th is the world premiere of the movie Beer Wars with a nationwide screening and live panel event. If you haven’t yet heard about Beer Wars, it’s been blowing up the world of New Media, with great coverage on many other beer blogs, national media and Twitter (@beerwarsmovie). The film is described as,

In America, size matters. The bigger you are, the more power you have, especially in the business world.

Director Anat Baron takes you on a no holds barred exploration of the U.S. beer industry that ultimately reveals the truth behind the label of your favorite beer. Told from an insider’s perspective, the film goes behind the scenes of the daily battles and all out wars that dominate one of America’s favorite industries.

Beer Wars begins as the corporate behemoths are being challenged by small, independent brewers who are shunning the status quo and creating innovative new beers. The story is told through 2 of these entrepreneurs – Sam and Rhonda – battling the might and tactics of Corporate America. We witness their struggle to achieve their American Dream in an industry dominated by powerful corporations unwilling to cede an inch.

This contemporary David and Goliath story is ultimately about keeping your integrity (and your family’s home) in the face of temptation. Beer Wars is a revealing and entertaining journey that provides unexpected and surprising turns and promises to change the world’s opinion on those infamous 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

But the event on Thursday is more than just a screening of the movie; it truly is an event.

Fathom and Ducks In A Row Entertainment present Beer Wars LIVE with Ben Stein, a one night event taking you inside the boardrooms and back rooms of the American beer industry. The event will feature the exclusive never-before-seen documentary Beer Wars, followed by a riveting live discussion led by Ben Stein with America’s leading independent brewers and experts.

Playing in movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, April 16th at 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 8pm PT (tape delay), beer industry insiders will take you behind-the-scenes of their quest for the American Dream. Don’t miss out on this entertaining journey that will reveal the truth behind the label of your favorite beer!

The film and following Live event with Ben Stein — which is being broadcast via satellite from the campus of UCLA — is playing in 440 theaters across the country, including one right here in Southern Maine (at the Regal Cinema in Brunswick). So grab $15 from your tax returns, as many of your close friends as you can gather (especially those who are new to Better Beer, as this will be especially important for them to see/learn from) and get out to the theater Thursday evening. To find out if it’s playing near you, and to purchase tickets online, click here for the complete listing. For more on the film itself, watch the trailer:

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  1. It looks like it could be good but at the same time it looks like it could be a sleeper.  All I can tell you is the trailer sure put me to sleep. 99% of the people who will watch this, already know all this stuff.

  2. Unfortunately I think you’re right (that not enough people who need to see it will). And the film itself is way too dry. But I do think that the live (via satellite) discussion after the premiere will definitely be worth seeing. I mean, it is Ben Stein after all! What more could you ask for?!

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