Forbes reporter Michael Noer sat down for a chat with Meg Gill, President and Co-Founder of Los Angeles based Golden Road Brewing.


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  1. I had only heard of Meg Gill recently and while pleasing to the eye, I was glad to see another female embrace the craft beer culture. She seems very passionate about it and that is the key to a successful career. I wish her the best of luck!

  2. This was a great interview & it highlights somewhat of a pattern I’m seeing in the entrepreneurs at the top of the craft beer scene: their passion and dedication are characteristics they were able to translate from one or more non-beer related activities or experiences and, while creating their businesses in a true entrepreneurial spirit they have fully involved themselves in the nuts and bolts of business. I’m just getting started in home-brewing but am inspired by folks like Ms. Gill, Sam Calagione, et al, to embrace the pro-side of craft-beer brewing about 5 years down the road. Very inspirational interview!

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