According to an articlein today’s Boston Globe, the rice used by Anheuser-Busch Co. to brew Budweiser beer is,

Tainted with an experimental, genetically engineered rice strain, according to an analysis released yesterday by the environmental organization Greenpeace. Three of four samples of unprocessed rice from the beer maker’s mill in Arkansas showed the presence of the strain, Bayer LL601, Greenpeace said.

The real question we all know, of course, is not “what is a genetically modified strain doing in the rice in Budweiser?” but rather, “WHAT THE HELL IS RICE DOING IN THE BEER IN THE FIRST PLACE?!”

While anyone who knows anything about beer knows that rice has no place as a replacement for better ingredients in beer in the first place, Greenpeace’s Doreen Stabinsky notes that U.S. consumers have a right to know that, when rice is used in beer, that it is genetically modified rice. To that end, the group has created an off-color YouTube “commercial” entitled “Wassup With Your Beer?” to alert users to the presence of genetically altered rice in Budweiser; the video can be seen below:



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