Iceland Beer DayTo all my readers in Iceland (I’m sure there are hundreds, haha), happy beer day! You read that right, the country of Iceland has March 1st dedicated to the greatest beverage in the world, beer.

The annual beer day in Iceland is celebrated every March 1st in honor of the end of prohibition.  Much like the USA, alcoholic drinks were banned in Iceland in 1915.  The big difference was that their prohibition lasted until March 1, 1989 (74 years of no beer).

While Iceland isn’t a huge producer of beer (I found less than 10 breweries in the country), they love their beer and celebrate the day with festivals and a runter (or pub crawl), where they get to know local pubs and beers, with some pubs staying open until 4am.

If I ever go to Iceland, I’ll make sure to plan my trip around March 1st.

Here are a few Icelandic breweries I found, celebrate the day with them by trying to find one of their brews and let me know what your favorite Icelandic beer is (or if you’ve ever tried any).

Happy beer day!


  1. Hi Logan,
    My husband and I are well aware that today is Beer Day as we are going to Iceland this summer and trying to enjoy their culture in advance (next week is cream puff day, btw). I stopped by John’s Market on Multnomah and was dismayed and disappointed that they had everything but Icelandic beer. So, have you found any in the Portland area?
    Thanks and Happy Beer Day to you!

    • I would have thought John’s might have something, but I think it comes down to not very many breweries in Iceland, and very little exporting. I haven’t seen anything in Portland, although I have to admit I haven’t looked locally. Maybe Belmont Station has something, not sure. Looking at the reviews on Beer Advocate of those three breweries I listed, the beer with the most reviews only has 34 ( so that tells me they aren’t all that popular.

  2. Oh, and cream puff day sounds amazing. I think they need to combine cream puff and beer day though and it would just be one amazing day.

  3. In researching my grandson’s birthday March 1 , 2011, it was with great pleasure to find his birthday coinciding with Beer Day in Iceland. I’m thinking this will be a fine tradition that he and I can enjoy for many years. (Grandmother and Mother not sure about this)

    Can you recommend somewhere to purchase 3.1.2011 Beer Day T-Shirts? I’m hoping I will be able to duplicate one for the grandson.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Dan,

      Sounds like a great birthday tradition to me. Unfortunately I have no idea where you could find a t-shirt. Best of luck.

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