I saw this photo on Mashable.com late last night and couldn’t help but pass it along. Looks like Mashable author Ben Parr was invited on an unofficial tour of the Twitter offices in San Fransisco, CA. The post of the tour features lots of neat photos and insights into what goes into the day-to-day operations of one of the Web’s largest social networks. One of the better photos is this one below and the description that follows it. It’s great to see some homebrew carboys popping up in random places and getting some “airtime” on one of the Internet’s largest blogs. Hopefully it helps raise more awareness of the hobby we all love. Well done Twitterati!

This was maybe the second or third thing I noticed after walking into Twitter’s spacious offices. The story is that some of the Twitter team is trying to brew and ferment their own beer. You can see the yeast doing its magic. When I asked Biz and others about what type of beer they were making, or what grain they used, they had no answer.

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[image via Mashable.com]



  1. Nice, my old company had about 8 car boys sitting in the lab, as it was perfect temp. Once every Quarter on a Friday we would have a BBQ and enjoy some great home brew.

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