As I was finally sitting back down to my computer this afternoon, after a few much needed days off, to get re-acquainted with the Internet’s beer happenings, the last place I expected to come across anything Beer was Boing Boing but in fact, there it was – a great post on homebrewing and what makes it such a genuinely special hobby. The story, entitled Why Homebrewing is Better (and believe me, it is), begins with a quote by Andy Warhol which sums up what makes homebrewing homebrewing. It reads,

Every professional performer always does the same thing at exactly the same moment in every show they do. What I like are things that are different every time. That’s why I like amateurs.

The post, which was written by Boing Boing regular Dale Dougherty, details Dougherty’s all-grain brewing set up and likens the homebrewing session to a workshop where people gather around the equipment to talk shop and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

While certainly not a monumental article or anything, I always enjoy seeing pieces on beer & homebrewing pop up in unique places online away from the often close knit world of beer blogs. So, if for no other reason than needing a little inspiration before your next brew, check out Dougherty’s article here & happy brewing.


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