Popular online Social Networking blog Mashable.com today had a post describing 18 different iPhone applications all centered around drinking. Most of them were lame “guess your BAC level” and “R U Drunk” tests and shouldn’t get a second mention. But one of the applications, however, does seem really neat (neat enough that I may download it onto my girlfriend’s iPhone when she’s not paying attention). The application, which is called BeerPad, is reportedly for,

the beer aficionado, this app works as a beer journal to record your thoughts on the beers you drink. You can take notes, rate the beers you try, take a picture of the bottle for future reference and look up beers you’ve tried in the past. BeerPad will also remember everything you’ve said and use it as a reference guide for future. It’s $4.99 but if beer is your game, this is one cool app.

It sounds to me like it’d be a very handy tool to have at the pub with you – that way you can check back over your logs if you’re unsure whether or not you’ve had a particular beer before. And it would definitely come in very handy for blogging purposes (I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a unique beer out somewhere and wanted to write about it when I got home — or the next morning — only to forget all of the subtle flavors and smells when I arrived at my computer).

If you have an iPhone and would like to check out the application yourself — which sells for $4.99 — here is the iTunes link to BeerPad (and here’s the original blog post). If you get it, let me know what you think!

[via mashable.com]



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