Everyone wants a piece of Fall Beer Fest Fever, and Japan is certainly cashing in on the craze. The Japan Beer Festival will take place over three days in Yokohama, starting Sept. 15th and will feaure beers in gold, red, blue and four other colors as well; all products of local Japanese brewers. The unusual colors come from ingredients such as wasabi extract, strawberries and miso.

For a 4,000 yen entrance fee, the Japan Beer Festival 2007 will afford you the chance to try 150 Japanese and imported microbrews. The drafts will be served in 50-cc glasses to encourage visitors to sample as many beers as possible.

Adding a further air of excitement to the festival will be the announcement on the final day of the festival of the results of an international beer competition, in which beers from around the world are judged for their aroma, taste and other features.

Yokohama will also play host to another Oktoberfest-themed brew festival, from Sept. 28 to Oct. 8.
For more info on the Japan Beer Festival 2007, click here.


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