It seems like just about every other day I hear about some new bottle opener out there on the market. While I love the ingenuity, how many bottle openers does one person need?

Kebo Bottle OpenerHowever, sometimes one comes along that gets me excited. One of those is Kebo, the one-handed bottle opener made by RUSH3 Product Design Studio, which I included in this years Beer Lovers Gift Guide.

I first learned about the Kebo earlier in the year, when fellow Blog About Beer writer Ryan, sourced it out. He was looking for a heavy duty opener that wouldn’t bend the caps since he likes to collect them.

He brought it into the office and we both drank multiple beers because it was so much fun to open them.

Kebo Bottle OpenerThe stainless steel opener makes you feel alive. It almost carries the complete joy of shooting a gun, yet you’re just opening a bottle of beer. Opening a bottle of beer hasn’t been so sophisticated.

For collectors, the opener doesn’t bend the cap, plus there is a small magnet that holds the cap once you pop the top. When Ryan got his, the magnet did fall out within the first few beers, but he has since glued it back in.

I’m not sure if that’s a recurring problem, or just a fluke, but it really isn’t a big deal. I’ve been using mine since I got it last month and have had no issues.

The openers come in their own case. Maybe that might make you squirm, but it’s actually pretty cool. I always know where my opener is since I leave the case on the counter next to my beer fridge.

Unlike most openers though, the Kebo does take practice. It can knock the bottle when opening which has caused a few beers to foam up. But as they say, practice makes perfect. I’ve started perfecting it so that isn’t an issue any more.

I don’t generally recommend most bottle openers over another, but I’ve been loving mine and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any beer drinker I kknow.

For those still looking for a Christmas gift idea, it would fit perfectly in the stocking.

Check it out on Amazon today.