Hi all; hope you like the new layout (thoughts?) Just a few things from around the state o’ Maine to report. First, it’s not too late to sign up for ‘Enhancing Beer Appreciation 101’ at Kennebec Homebrew Supply in Farmingdale. Beer Appreciation 101 is a two-part class “designed to expand knowledge of the world’s beer styles and give an introduction to rating and judging beer from a homebrewer’s perspective.” It runs from 3:00-6:00pm Jan. 27th and Feb. 3rd [note: may be rescheduled] and the cost is $20. Visit http://kennebechomebrew.com/ for more info.

Secondly, more information was discovered today on the rumor of a new Belgium Brewpub coming to Portland. The De Struise Brewing website says:

Struise Pannepot has left the coast of De Panne for a long voyage to Portland, Maine (USA). If the winds are favorable, and without any major incidents during the voyage, our sailing boat should arrive by the time the first Pannepot Cafe opens its doors somewhere in April. More updates to come. 

Click here to see for yourself (thanks again for the head’s up, Russ)!

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