Some breweries have some pretty damn cool bottle caps and it’s always a shame to just toss them in the garbage after every beer. So I’ve decided to turn a few of my favorite caps (or favorite breweries) into a little art project so I can continue to show them off, well after the beer is gone: Bottle Cap Magnets.

I can’t claim this project as my own (I saw it on a friend’s fridge a few days ago), but it’s still a fun project to do with a little weekend spare time and some left-over bottle caps.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bottle caps (one for each magnet you plan to make)
  • Magnets (I found some little round magnets at AC Moore that were $1.59 for dozen or so magnets)
  • Thick scrap paper (I just used the back of the package the magnets came in)
  • Krazy glue

How To Make Bottle Cap Magnets

How To Make Your Magnets:

  1. Drink a beer & keep the cap (try not to bend it; if you do, straighten it out as much as you can)
  2. Unfortunately the magnets I got weren’t quite deep enough to attach to the back of the cap directly and still reach the fridge, so I ripped up a little piece of the thick scrap paper, glue it together and glued it to the back of the cap.
  3. Glue one of the magnets to the scrap paper inside the cap.
  4. Stick on the fridge.
  5. Repeat until you have all the magnets you want.

So yeah, quite a simple and inexpensive little project. But the result is much more fun than a boring old “Montana” or “Domino’s” fridge magnet, and its a great way to continue to show off some of those really special beers you’ve been drinking. Happy crafting!



  1. I have a ton of these on my fridge at the moment, we too were having the depth problem with the magnets.  Of course, I was not bright enough to think of using scrap.  Thanks for the tip.

  2. I had this same idea for all of the beer caps that I had collected in my 7 months in Germany.  I knew I couldn’t bring the beers back with me, so this is a great way that I can remember my experiences everyday on my fridge!  Prost!

  3. Such a simple idea and yet so cool.  Love it.  This is something after my own heart, when in Germany last May my brother in Law and I decided to try all the different beers we could and keep tabs by keeping the caps.  Well when I got home this quickly became what I call now “The Project”.  Basically I am documenting a year in beer and any beer qualifies.  (My kids have donated the soba caps)    This way I can say with 100% confidence that Michelobe  Ultra Tuscan Orange Grapefruit is hands down the worse beer I have ever had.  I was also able to find beers that were on par with my high standard favorites of Leffe Double and Tripple.  Living up in Presque Isle Maine this becomes insanly hard and I cherish every time I visit my folks in Portland and stock up on new brews.

    Any how, here are some pics of it in progress, origionally only on a 12 x 12 square of cardbord and later transfered to an unused cabnet door.
    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

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