• UK-based Cobra Beer has signed licensing agreements with two breweries in the Indian provinces of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. The move is a part of Cobra’s strategy of setting up breweries and increasing distribution channels across India. The company is aiming at producing 10 million cases by 2010. Last year, it sold 0.5 million cases whereas it is planning to increase it to 1 million this year.
  • Latin America’s beer market is growing significantly. Both Belgium-based InBev and UK-based SABMiller  – the world’s largest and second-largest beer producer, respectively – report healthy growth. SABMiller – which is particularly strong in the Andean and Central American markets – credited Latin America with helping its overall sales grow by 11 percent during the five month period that ended in August.
  • British researchers reported on Friday that they have found that alcohol seems to lessen a person’s ability to hear — particularly when it comes to discerning the sounds of conversation. Click here to read more.
  • Two students at Washington State University have started a Home Brewers Club for students to spread craft beer & homebrewing advocacy and to try and put a damper on the cheap beer binging rampant on college campuses everywhere. Read the full article here



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