You may remember a few weeks ago when was featured in Mutineer Magazine. Well, JJ and the boys from Mutineer conducted a further, longer interview with me about BAB and why it is what it is.

Mutineer is doing great things for the industry and is one of the publications on the forefront of the Beer 2.0 phenomenon. So, needless to say, it’s an honor to be featured in the pages of the magazine and more indepthly on their website (especially along side such beer blog behemoths as, Lyke 2 Drink, etc.). For the Mutineer interview and more about than you ever wanted to know, click here.



  1. I wouldn’t classify Hop Talk as any sort of behemoth.

    Although if I keep drinking those really big beers it’ll be an appropriate description of myself.

    Random personal trivia: behemoth is a word I constantly mispronounce.

  2. Al, you’ve got 2300 feed subscribers; ’round here we call that a behemoth!

    And I agree with your trivia: I always say “bOhemoth”

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