Tom Quinn and ethanol scientist Floyd Butterfield founded the E-Fuel Corporation in March 2007 to create efficient ethanol micro-refinery products for people who want to break their dependency on oil. And it looks like they’ve done it. And done it using beer.

The company recently rolled out a portable machine called the MicroFueleris, which is about the size of a stackable washer-dryer and could easily fit in a standard driveway. The MicroFueler produces ethanol that can be used in any car converted for flex fuels.

The ethanol is created when sugar or beer is poured into the MicroFueleris’ fermentation tank through a grate-covered opening on the machine. The sugar or alcohol from the beer then mixes with a measured amount of water already in the tank and the conversion process begins.

However, if you want to get your hands on such a machine, it’s going to cost you. The MicroFueler sells for just under $10,000. It weighs 200 pounds and can produce up to 35 gallons of ethanol per week.

my only question is – why would anyone have left over beer?!

Source: “Entrepreneur Converts Leftover Alcohol To Gas” [WCSH]

photo by: Sergio Moraes/Reuters



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