Hey all – my computer is currently without a hard drive for the next few days so, since I’m borrowing someone else’s, this will have to be kept short & sweet. I just wanted to make sure all you local readers knew about some important upcoming beer events here in Portland. They’re both at Novare Res (big surprise) and both on August weekends.

The first is entitled Roguepalooza and is taking place all day Friday August 15th & Saturday August 16th. Roguepalooza will feature the most Rogue beers on tap at one time outside of Oregon ever! Plus lots of “Give-aways, rare kegs, and liver transplants”.

The second event, Deutsches Bierfest, will be Sunday, August 24th, all day (and night). It promises to be Maine’s largest collection of German draught beer, ever. Featuring 23 authentic German biers on tap, including: weisse, weissebock, eisbock, doppelbock, rauch, pils, helles, keller, swarz, dunkel, kolsch, alt, and more; all served in the proper glassware.

I will certainly be at both events and expect you to be, too! If you’re going, leave a comment here and let me know to keep an eye out for you. Each event promises to be one of the biggest beer extravaganzas of the summer!



  1. There’s also an Allagash event coming up at Evangeline. They have a flier about in the window of the restaurant.

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